fuck u ! ~

fuck u ! ~

From A& L with love ..

I'm not gonna give a fuck anymore...
If you hurt me, I'm gonna hurt you.
That's how it's gonna be from now on...

3 ianuarie 2011

Let's go baby

 It was you baby,
My only one
And no one else could ever take your place
Even if you stay or go
Your  picture where you’re close  to me
It’s grounded in my head.
The way I make you feel ,the way you look at me,
Those things  makes me own you and you know it.
Cuz baby this is our last chance to make it work
There is no turning back
No more lies ,No more cry.
Let’s go and get it
Our perfect life
Just me and you.
Let me show you
Things  you never saw
Things  you never felt.
And I know, I know
Maybe it’s just my imagination
Maybe you are over it
But if I’m right take my hand
Together it can’t be that hard..

Xoxo, L.

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