fuck u ! ~

fuck u ! ~

From A& L with love ..

I'm not gonna give a fuck anymore...
If you hurt me, I'm gonna hurt you.
That's how it's gonna be from now on...

18 februarie 2011

When he call me mama, lil mama, I call him baby .

22 ianuarie 2011

I remember all the kisses .The hits and misses.

After all the boys that I wished had loved me more.
I didn't know what love was.
Never had this feel before.

Say you love me, love me love me.
You love me, love me, love me.


18 ianuarie 2011



                                               The more you talk
                                               About a person to
                                               Others, the more you
                                               FALL IN LOVE
                                               With that person.

we`re the perfect two .

Cu tine am trecut prin greu.
Cu tine am zambit mereu, mereu...

14 ianuarie 2011

You are a boy...So what?

                                            I won’t give a damn for anyone
                                                        All the trashes
                                                        All the jerks
                                         Just hiding under that fake masks.
                                           No one can  hold me down now
                                            Cuz some can say
                                             That I’m a bit crazy,
                                             That I’m uncontrollable,
                                             That I’m a real mess
                                              Acting just like a bitch,
                                              But you know what?
                                              Now you can  say anything
                                              It won't bring me down 
                                              Cuz I don’t give a fuck
                                              On what you say.

Xoxo, L.

13 ianuarie 2011

"I hate the way your always right. I hate it when you lie. I hate it when you make me laugh. Or even worse when I cry. I hate it when your not around. And the fact you didn't call. But most of all I hate the way I don't hate you at all."

You were born an original.  Don't die a copy.